About Lagree Fitness Studio Classes


All of our sessions are 25-minutes and taught on the Supra®. Clients are welcome to enroll in as many sessions as they like. Select from this à la carte menu to target your specific goals, combine classes, and enjoy the greatest number of training options.

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Our premiere class will put you through the paces in a high-intensity, low-impact, full-body workout. FULL BODY classes are offered on the hour, every hour, at all of our locations. It is the ideal solution for someone on-the-go who wants to get in a workout before work, at lunch, or on their way home. FULL BODY pairs with all of our Signature and Active Recovery classes.

Are you new to Lagree and want to learn the basics? Our BEGINNER classes are the ideal way to discover the method and the machine. These classes are a slowed-down 25-minutes with a greater emphasis placed on teaching correct form, technique, and purpose. BEGINNER classes are an excellent way for Lagree veterans to be reacquainted with the basics.


This class targets the essentials: the arms and the booty. Want to tone these glamour muscles before an upcoming wedding, event or photo op? Isolated exercises target all the muscles of the arms and ass in twenty-five minutes of moderate-intensity exercise. Match your next Arms & Ass with a Booty Burn or Core Sculpt today!

We all want to look like Springsteen and Jenny from the block in our favorite pair of jeans. Along with showcasing what we got, the posterior chain is responsible for our speed, power, and posture. Tone your buns and improve your athleticism in 25 minutes of pure booty bliss. Booty Burn® classes are moderate-intensity and best paired with Arms & Abs, Core Sculpt, and Full Body.

ABC stands for arms, back, and chest. Strengthen your back to bring your shoulders back and improve your posture with the building blocks of this upper-body workout. ABCs of Lagree is also an excellent option for women who experience back pain due to breast size. Strengthen your upper body and lower back to help keep your shoulders back. Pair this moderate-intensity class with Form & Posture or Supra® Stretch.

Want to strengthen and tighten your core? Core Sculpt® takes you through a series of plank and push-up modifications on the Supra®. Core stability challenges increase as the machine inclines and tilts. Experience a targeted sequence of compound movements that emphasize the development of the core muscles as well as the abs. This is a high-intensity class. Pair your next Core Sculpt® with a Full Body, Arms & Abs, or something from our Active Recovery menu.

Looking for the arms of a first lady and the abs of a TV star? Then Arms and Abs is for you. Tone your triceps, biceps, and core muscles in 25-minutes of isolated movements that target these specific muscle groups. Arms & Abs offers a moderate-intensity workout. Add a Booty Burn to your next Arms & Abs for a well-rounded workout.


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Ready to stand tall? Strengthen your postural alignment with a series of compound movements and isolated exercises that target the core and back muscles. Along with improving your posture, this class will boost your confidence as you find yourself walking with your head held high. Form & Posture is a low-intensity workout that is especially great for women who are prenatal planning and want to strengthen their back and core before pregnancy. As always, consult your physician before you begin any exercise during pregnancy. All of our Active Recovery classes are an excellent follow-up to a Full Body session.

If you are looking to increase your mobility, loosen IT Bands, or open your hip flexors, the Supra® Stretch is for you. Use your body weight to stretch against gravity through various inclines for maximum effectiveness. If you’re on your way home from a spinning class, stop by a Lagree Studio for a 25-minute cool-down. Pair this low-intensity class with your next high-intensity class. Supra® Stretch is an excellent cooldown or warm up to anything from our Signature Series menu as well as Full Body.